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Here is a little background

I’m a Computer Science and Technology student from México 🇲🇽, I love all things related to technology, I’m also a big fan of the open source community, and I’m always trying to learn new things. My main interests are in the field of software development, but I’m also interested in the fields of cybersecurity and design. At the moment my main focus is improving my skills as a developer, I’m always looking for new challenges, opportunities, and new ways to learn and grow.


Here are some of the technologies I've been working with recently:

Featured Projects

Urban Mobility Multi-Agent Simulation Logo

Urban Mobility Multi-Agent Simulation

C++ IconPython IconWebsockets IconUnity Icon

In this challenge, we propose a solution to the problem of urban mobility in Mexico through a multi-agent system that simulates traffic and reduces vehicular congestion.

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Firebase IconFlutter IconJavaScript IconNode.js IconPostman Icon

The project is a mobile app for the Food Bank of México. The app's backend web scrapes information from all the websites related to the Food Bank, and it was built using Flutter and Firebase.

ActiveBrain Logo


Express IconHeroku IconJavaScript IconMySQL IconNode.js IconPostman IconReact IconRedux IconSequelize IconTailwindCSS IconUnity Icon

An interactive and efficient project, which is used to perform a mini-mental test. The mini-mental test is a test used to assess cognitive impairment and dementia.